Getting Started

Last Updated : 03-11-2022

1. Contact BufferApps

Check out our Help Centre to learn all about your BufferApps account, partnering with us to list your product on BufferApps Marketplace!

Contact our Support team if you don't find the answer you're looking for.

Here is a link to send your message => If you are not satisfied with the support team resolution, do reach out to CS Head, .

We appreciate your patience while we look into things, let us know how we can be of assistance!

2. Launch on BufferApps

Do you have an incredible tool you'd like to share with our growing community of entrepreneurs? Check out how to list on BufferApps so you can list your product, get beta-tested, expand your audience, and start earning now.

BufferApps carries out Two types of Launch

  • Beta Launch - To get real feedback from early adopters
  • Deal launch - To get money and paying customers

Submit your product =>>

If you have questions while working on your submission, our Partner Success team will be happy to help! You can reach them directly at . 🙂

3. Terms of Use

We want a healthy, long-term relationship with all of our BufferApps community members (Buffer-Buddies, Partners, and Teammates alike), so here's how we can do that best:

  • We will never sell your information to third-party marketers
  • You can't resell or trade any BufferApps products under any circumstances
  • You can't buy any BufferApps products from anywhere other than our website
  • You don't post anything obscene or illegal on our website

So please read our complete Terms of Use and Information Security Policy Here

Information Security Policy