Beta Launch

Last Updated : 03-11-2022

1. What is beta launch- (For Vendor)

BufferApps offer vendors to list SaaS products on Beta- launch marketplace. So bufferapps users can simply review products and share opinions with founders.

Founders will receive actionable insights from real users and this will help to build a better version of the product.

Requested all founders to keep eye on Vendor dashboard and approve beta-tester requests to join beta launch.

Submit your product for beta-launch here-

2. Join Beta-Launch (For Users)

Joining Beta Launch can unlock new opportunities for you. Users who participate in beta launch can get product access for free in exchange for Beta-testing. Many times vendors offer exclusive product discount codes for Beta-Testers.

This way one can share opinions/ feedback directly with founders and help them to build better product roadmap.

To Join Beta launch you have to have your beta-testing profile verified. Requesting you fill all details along with your SaaS experience carefully, as founders only approve your beta testing request based on profile data.

Get your beta-testing profile here-

3. What is Product Clap:-

Product ‘Clap’ is a product appreciation. So start clapping for products you like on BufferApps marketplace platform.

4. Product Comment-

Users can leave a general opinion on the product launch page (PLP) in the form of a comment. This will help other users

5. Product feedback-

This is only for Approved beta-testers . After getting approval for joining beta launch from the product founder, one can start submitting feedback and rating.

All can be done from the Product-Launch Page.

Beta tester can provide detailed review of the product considering Product UI, UX, First impression, Usability, Features , USP, and also report for any bugs, recommendation or feature request.

For all this, beta-tester will receive product licence or discount codes from founders directly.

6. Community Offerings-

Founders list product benefits for BufferApps community who participate in Beta-launch. Be it Lifetime deal code, discount codes or product licence.

What else be the product offerings from founder, everything will be listed on PLP (Product launch page)