Deal Launch

Last Updated : 03-11-2022

1. What is a Lifetime Deal?

If you ask me about the Lifetime deal, it’s a Bonus with a very small premium.

Means all you pay for a small amount to the vendor and you will get access till the product last. That's amazing. But, unfortunately that's not true all the time. It’s really hard to survive for any vendor just by offering LTDs. So vendors will only offer limited product features for a very small one time offer called LTD.

Further vendors will push you for monthly or yearly subscription for top tier plans with greater offerings. In this case also, you are always profitable, as you can have product experience just by paying very less. Even if you hold an opportunity to return the product within 60 days of purchase and get your money back.

2. What is code Stacking?

Code Stacking is to buy multiple codes of the same product to unlock top tier plans. This is an opportunity for users to get a top tier plan on lifetime deals. So stack maximum codes and grab higher plans on LifeTime Deals discounts. This is only possible for those deals where code stacking is allowed by Vendor.

Ultimately, if the deal is stackable then it’s clearly mentioned on the product deal page, along with plan offerings. So it’s up to the user's choice to stack more codes or stay with a basic plan.

Users can simply start with buying One code initially, then test the product thoroughly and still love to go for a higher tier plan then BufferApps allows you to stack more codes

And don't worry about code redemption or Unlocking higher plans, you will find clear instructions on the Product page in your profile.

Just keep in mind ,

The number of codes you purchase = the number of product listings/codes you’ll have in your account.

Also you will find the same "Redemption instructions" on the "Products" page of your BufferApps account. There, you will be provided with your code, redemption link, and redemption instructions.